You already are the light that you seek !

God is not a religion.

You don’t need a religion to be as God created you, in fact, you need do nothing…

Source loves you just as You were, and continue to be, created…

There is a lot of energy in the idea of religion. Use it. Use all the thoughts and desires to remember God that humanity has entertained throughout all of time. If there is only one of us, and that is true, then whose energy would you be using? Why not? I’m not suggesting that anyone join a religion, nor am I suggesting that you should leave one, but I am suggesting that there is a warehouse of energy available to you to use for your journey Home, within… You can commune, within, with all you would ever need to remember what You already are.

The idea of multiple religions just doesn’t make sense. We all have the same Source. Why would a Creator care how you make your approach? What is Singular? Reality! God!

Where does the idea of a teacher come in if I have everything I need, within?

Teachers are helpful if they are familiar with the cunning and slippery ways of the ego in its attempts to remain in control. However, remember that your Awakening is inevitable and therefore, there is an end to the ego’s control written into the script you call your life. It is inevitable. Time is at your command. You decide how long that will take by your willingness to be what you already are or delaying the Truth until the time when you are willing. The teacher will remind you of what already is and add his spiritual strength to yours, if you are devoted.

Joining is The Answer ! That’s how you know ONE.

You have to decide to be It in action, even though You are already That in Reality. At this moment, you might not know that, except as a concept. Knowing and perceiving are not the same. Knowing is of spirit and perceiving is of the senses and, therefore, is the ego’s domain.  All knowing is of spirit. Source does the revealing…