Time and Space are what the illusion is…
Separation is Two !
Reality is One !
Sharing The Truth

The laughter shared by those that have awakened is that they once thought that they were not awake ! When you come to know, you will know that you always knew.

What Is Real?

Everybody wants to be happy !

You can’t experience more than you are willing; nor less…

How can you experience The Truth if you don’t find it within yourself?

Where do you experience all that you experience?

So how did it get there? And why?

Remembering isn’t difficult; thinking otherwise is…


Remembering Truth only takes or requires “willingness”. You can’t make it happen with any technique or by will power. It happens in ITS own timing. You can only be willing but, be willing you must ! You must at least be looking toward the light…Within.

By remembering, I’m refering to an ability of being. You think of memory only in terms of the past or the future, but I’m speaking of an ability to remember now or to “be” now.

You (spirit) were created perfect by Source. No evolution needed… This idea of being something greater than Source by being something so small is doomed to failure. Sorry… Source wants You just the way You were and are created. Perfect just like Source.

What will it take for you to be willing to discover Who “You” really are?

How many lifetimes of pain and suffering do you think is necessary for you to not want these kinds of experiences anymore and for you to do what is required for them to end?

Do you know what is required?

Be Centered…Listen To Your Innermost Self.
Anna told us; that God is in our middle.
Jesus told us; everything is in the Mind of God.
Buddha told us; there may not be a God.
Sai Baba said he is God.
Some say there is no God.
And some have declared that God is dead.

I’m stating that God is a FACT ! You have a Source.
This is my experience…

We all have the same Source. That’s the good news…

It isn’t hard to communicate with your Source. I promise you this is true !

Centering your self means no more, and no less, than being in touch with your Eternal Self…
Each breath can lead you to your Self. Be aware…
Everything is light!