If there is something perfect, and there is, then You must be That! The idea of enlightenment is nothing more, nor less, than your remembering your natural state as You were and are created… To ascend is an idea of return to what You never left.

Your awakening or enlightenment is inevitable. Inevitable because of the attributes of
your Source. Perfection can only create Perfection because It only has Itself with which
to create. All creation, You, is just like Its Source. This world you know is not perfection
and therefore causes you to wonder Who created it? Is this a cruel joke? You but sleep.

You were created to be FREE…

Freedom; not as you think of it in earthly terms but in terms that are beyond your imagination. What created You with the ability to have the greatest imagination on earth must be Something to Behold…
You can fly with the angels, walk in the light, and create like your Source!

You must look within to find That that will set you free!

Once there was a farmer who found a golden stone on the ground. Not knowing what it was, he threw it away. Along came a miner and when he saw it, he knew he had found precious metal, a nugget the size of his fist! He immediately became full of joy and shared it with everyone.

This is how it is when you find that connection within and it is “The Something” that you have been looking for!

I am in your heart waiting for you to find me once again.
Where have you been looking?
And, for what?
Love is not a dream…
Joining is the only answer to separation.
Join me in the Heart and Mind of our Source…
Is it your wish?
Look within your heart and mind for the Source of being and to find the Self that is the Self Effulgent Light, for that is what You are. Heart and mind are attributes of What You are and indicate Where and What You are. Not being within, centered, will not change What You are but will deny you awareness of all that You are. While you are unwilling to be It and are satisfied with the temporality of your world, you will get the result of your thinking of separation, which is pain, suffering and death…
What is it that you want?
Where have you been looking for it?
You will find it only when you look for it where it is!
This might sound too simple, but the Truth is simple…